Sunday, November 14, 2010

genital hurpes

Herpes, is one of the most comman STDs, and most people with genital herpes, don't even know they have it.
You can get genetal herpes even if your partner doesn't show any signs.
If you have symtoms like a sore on your genital you can go to the doctors and get a lab test.
There are no cures for this, but there is a pill called valtrex that can help redues the out breaks and reduces the risk of transmitting it to your partner.

People who have herpes may think to themselves, can I have a normal life with this STD? What will people say? What will they think of me? Can I have children?

Herpes is missunderstood and herpes victums are often descriminated against because people are ignprant to the facts. It is important for people with herpes to keep updated on the newest information about herpes.
Herpes is spreading to thousands of people, so you are not alone!
There are some dating websites for people who have herpes. The dating sites have have alot of information and also counselors to help the members and to answer any questions.
You can still have a baby if you have herpes. Herpes is not in in your blood like HIV.
Herpes live in your nervous and will not affect your baby in your uterus, unless you have a vaginal birth with a break out.
So yes you can have a normal life, who cares what others think, and you can have a family of your own.

keep your head up, everything will be ok


So I know that you all propably know what cancer is, but in case you don't, cancer is an abnormal growth of cells proliferate (grow or multiply) in an unconrtolled way.

There are so many different types of cancer, such as stomach, throat, breast, prostate... cancer could appear in any part of your body. There aren't any cures for it yet, but there are scientist working very hard to try and descover one.
Do  you know how to tell what the signs and symptoms are? A sign is also a signal that something isn't right in the body. A fever, fast breathing and abnormal lung sounds, heard through a stethiscope, maybe a sign.
 A symptom is a signal disease, illness, injury, that somthing isn't right in the body. Symptoms are felt by the person having them, and may not been seen easly by anyone else.

Sighns and symptoms  of cancer depends on where the cancer is in the body, how big it is, and how much it affects the organs and tissue.
Some sighns are unexplained weight loss, fever, fatigue, pain, skin changes {darker looking skin, yellowish skin and eyes, reddend skin, itching, and excessive hair growth} change in bowel habbits or bladder function,  sores that don't heal, white patches inside mouth or white spots on tongue, unusual bleeding or discharge, thickening or lump in on the breast or other parts of the body, indigestino or trouble swollowing, recent change in a wart or mole, nagging caugh or horseness.

Not all symptoms means that you have cancer, it could be many other reasons, but if signs continue for more than a week, contact a doctor.